Sustainable Agriculture In Peru

A huge thank you to everyone this past year who helped support my art and growth as a business. From every purchase made from my art, 10% was donated to helping people around the world learn and maintain sustainable agriculture. Here are two people that will see their dreams come true....

Simeón previously grew organic cacao, but he did not achieve good results. Therefore, he decided to switch to different crops and now he spends his time in this new endeavor. Simeón’s long-term goal is to establish an association of citrus producers so that he can expand the job market and improve the lives of cacao producers like himself.

As a boy, Augusto spent his time in the fields where he learned to value and care for the land.  He has devoted his life to growing different agricultural products. Augusto will invest in the purchase of organic fertilizer so that he can nourish his upcoming crops.