Welcome to my blog!  Allow me to introduce myself.....

Ever since I was a little child I loved being outside. I was that typical tomboy playing in forts, dirtying up my clothes, and exploring the wildlife in my backyard. That childlike interest and curiosity of the great outdoors never ceased. Somewhere along the lines as I got older, instead of playing in nature, I studied it. Eventually, all of my time spent in the woods and library paid off and I went to college. It took four hard years of studying, but I finally obtained a Bachelor’s degree at Eckerd College in Environmental Studies and a double minor in Art and Anthropology. .

Unfortunately, I decided to graduate in the middle of an economic recession in May of 2010. Like most people my age, I spent a few years bouncing from job to job, seasonal and part-time. There is no doubt that I definitely had my fair share of interesting jobs through that time: a staff scientist for an environmental firm, a farmer for an organic farm, Intern ship with the National Park Service, a front desk receptionist for a tanning salon, and manager for two different retail stores.

As interesting as these jobs were, none of them really excited me. My dream, like many people, was to have a job that I did not have to call 'work'.

I decided to take a leap of faith and quit my job as a merchandiser for a major retail store and started to pursue my love for art. To begin with, I painted, drew, and created 5 days a week. In order to pay for food at my parent’s house, I picked up a weekend job as an office manager. To my delight, I started to sell some of my art. Not only that, but each month sales picked up little by little. I was ecstatic and thrilled! Yet there was still something missing, and I couldn't quite pin point it yet.

I began to reflect on all the jobs I had worked, which had given me the highest sense of accomplishment.

I realized it was when I worked on an organic farm during one summer of college, while I did not want to work out in the fields again (super hard work), I loved being on the farm and the feel of the whole experience. Coupled with my love of organic food and going to the local farmer's market, I believed I discovered what was missing -- a purpose in my art.

So, I came up with the idea to take my illustrations of animals and print them onto organic cotton totes, which would be perfect for reusing at your local farmers market or just an everyday purse.

Not only would this support organic farmer's but with every tote you buy, but 10% will go back to the organic farmers. This will directly support a cause I believe in while also encouraging people to buy a piece of my creativity.